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Welcome on the website of the Compagnie des Archers du Bandiat

We are an association "law 1901" associated to the Fédération Française de Tir Libre (FFTL), and on an international level to the International Field Archery Association (IFAA) for those who want to participate in competitions.

Since 2019 affiliation: fédération nationale Sport en Milieu Rural (FNSMR)

We practice only field archery on animals paper targets and on 3D targets (three dimensional), most of the time distance is unknown.

We welcome archers of every age, beginning at 12 years old, if they are practicing with a tradictional recurve, a longbow or a compound.

Field Archery - N. Dordogne Javerlac near Nontron Have a go at something different! Field archery is a great form of excerise for all abilities from age 12 years upwards. Saturday or Sunday shooting in a woodland setting with a variety of targets. Pleasure and/or competition shooting.


The 5 last notes

Who is the owner of this 2 arrows found on our grounds? No member recognized them until today.



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A young archer  -  by webmaster

You want to do some archery with your child. But a 2 year old just wants to ride on the animals laugh.

3D target with child


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Running boar  -  by webmaster
On our grounds, we have a "running pig" (foam). Some archers pretend it runs too fast. Here is a video of a real animal. I can be seen during 2 seconds.


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Happy new year 2021  -  by webmaster

BONNE-ANNEE-2021.jpgOur new tiger on the point to overwhelm the zombie cool


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I won(t participate any longer if the people have no face and it is impossible to see a smile. confused

This is a photomontage - not an original !

masks for everyone even the 3D


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Latest news item

2021 competition, Javerlhac - 16/09/2021 12:12 by webmaster

No competion on 24th october.

If you want to shoot with us please contact a member of the club.